Sept 23, 2006 Sanborn/CastleRock/SummitRock, 16.4 mi
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Here are two videos from this hike, one taken on the Saratoga Gap trail - overlooking the great Santa Cruz mountains. On a clear day, one can see as far as the Monterey penisula. The 2nd video shows the view from Summit Rock. At 3,076 ft and facing east, one can see Silicon Valley from south San Jose to as north as Palo Alto/Menlo Park. To the east, we can see the east bay, including Mt. Hamilton, Mission Peak, and on a clear day, even Mt. Diablo some 60 miles away. The map below shows the hiking paths that we took and where the videos were shot.

The flash videos total about 20 MB in size, so please be patient while your web browser downloads the content, thanks! -Paul 9.24.06

Video1: View from Saratoga Gap trail Video 2: View from Summit Rock
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