Sept 23, 2006 Sanborn/CastleRock/SummitRock - 16.4 mi
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Click on the map to view the planned path.

This hike will start in Sanborn County park (about 10 minutes from downtown Saratoga), at elevation of about 1500', and will climb up to Skyline Blvd where we'll take Skyline Trail to connect to Castle Rock State Park. Here, we'll visit/climb the well-known sandstone formations known as Castle Rock. Then we'll hike along the Saratoga Gap trail with a beautiful view of the Santa Cruz mtn basin, to Castle Rock trail camp. From there, we'll hike on the Loghry Woods trail, back across Rt35 (SKyline Blvd) and to Summit Rock, which has a great view of Silicon Valley at over 3000'. Then from there, we'll retrace our steps back to Sanborn park.

The total distance is probably around 13-15 miles. Elevation gain is around 2000 to 2300', and the loop is about 75% in the shade, so it should be quite comfortable.

Schedule: carpool at 8:30 am, start hiking 9 am, lunch 12 pm, finish hiking by 4 pm. This is not a slow-pace hike, we will allot 1.5 hr for lunch and sightseeing at Castle and Summit rocks, so hiking time is about 5.5 hrs, or about 14mi/5.5hr ~ 2.55 mph. Only sign up if you feel you can keep up with this pace.

Bring: lunch, hat, sunblock, 2.5 or more liters of water, $2 for carpool, another $2 for parking fee. Carpool is at Bijan bakery in Saratoga Plaza (Lions market) at Saratoga Av & 280 - address is 441 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA.

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Click on the map to view the actual path taken. The total distance for this hike was actually about 16.4 miles, not the 14 that I originally estimated. Total elevation gain is about 2,700'. Lowest elevation: 1,400' (Sanborn park), highest: 3,214' (Castle Rock). Summit rock was 3,076', and Castle Rock trail camp was at 2,400'.

We started hiking from Sanborn County Park's RV parking lot at about 9:20 am, and got back at about 5:20 pm for a total of about 8 hrs (includes about dozen breaks and lunch at the Castle Rock trail camp) and average hiking speed of 2.0 mph. We had several bursts of short (1/4 to 2/3 mi) fast hikes with speeds of perhaps 3.4 to 3.7 mph. I'll post more distances and photos later. -paul 9.24.06