January 6, 2007 South Skyline Mystery Hike, 17.1 mi
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  • 13 hikers, started hiking at 8:10 am, finished at 4:30 pm. Distance: 17.1 mi, elevation gain: 2,820 ft. Avg pace = 2.05 mph.
  • Hike started at Monte Bello Open Space preserve parking lot, about 1.5 mi east of Skyline Blvd, on Page Mill Rd.
  • It was pretty chilly (35-55F), especially at higher elevations where there was also a moderate wind (10-15 mph).
  • This was a mystery hike where the hikers were split into groups of 3 or 4. Each group was given a map (without trail names) and compass, and at each junction was asked to identify where we were on the map and which way to go next. Hikers learned to read contour/elevation lines, estimate distances and durations, and use of environmental conditions and trail signposts to determine location on map.
  • We saw many deers, chestnuts, bikers, a deer carcass, and even 2 coyotes!
  • 8 hikers went for dinner afterwards in Mt. View downtown.


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