March 31, 2007 3/31/2007 R3T3 - Ohlone Wilderness Trail- 28 miles/7800 ft
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  • 1) 18 people went on this hike
    * 4 cars into 2 groups. Group A to start from Stanford Ave and go east, Group B to start from DelValle and go west.

    2) Total distance: 28 miles
    3) Total elevation gain: 7,800' - 8,100'

    4) Group A summary. Started hiking at 7:20 am (8 hikers), finished at 6:28 pm (1st 3 hikers, 3 more at 7 pm, last ones ~8:30pm).
    * Total average pace: 2.51 mph (11 hrs, 8 min)
    * Average pace (when moving): 2.99 mph
    * Hiking/moving time: 9 hr 22 min
    * Break time: 1 hr 46 min
    * For detailed timestamps for group A - segment by segment, click here or scroll down.
    * Met up with group B folks at 1:16 pm (1), 1:54 pm (1), 1:57 pm (6), and 2:01 pm (2).

Note: The elevation calculations in this table only counts the gains/losses at the endpoints of each segment, and does not include ups/downs within a single segment. For example, the elevation change between segment 18 and 19 is stated as -280 ft in this table. However, looking at a detailed contour map, we can see that this segment goes up and down several times and that the actual elevation change is not a simple -250 ft, but something more like +150ft/-400ft. The actual total elevation gains/losses, are therefore significantly higher than those stated in this table. What's stated in this table are the absolute minimum numbers. Actual numbers (using a topo profiling software, experience, and research on the web) are closer to +8000 ft in elevation gain, and -7500ft in loss. For the reverse direction (Del Valle to Stanford), the numbers are almost reversed: +7500/-8000.


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