February 17, 2007 Mystery Hike #5 - Pescadero Creek Mushroom Fest - 8.5 miles/2000 ft
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  • 1) 16 people went on this hike
    * 4 cars (4x2, 3x1 from carpool A, 5x1 from carpool B). All but one person was on-time, did not wait. Thanks to all who were on-time.

    2) Total distance: 8.5 miles
    3) Total elevation gain: 2,000'

    4) Started hiking at 8:32 am, finished at 2:36pm.
    * Crossed Pescadero Creek twice - took a total of more than an hr.
    * Unmarked trails and inaccuracy of maps lead us off-track and into YMCA camps
    * Saw a nice variety of mushrooms, including the edible Golden Chanterelles - see here for more info.
    * We had to cut short the hike because of time lost to crossing the creek and the off-map detour into the YMCA camps.
    * I'll probably repeat the planned paths on another hike in the summer. The totaly distance will be more like 16-18 miles, not 12. Elevation gain would be around 3,000'.
    * 8 people joined the Chinese New Year get-together afterwards and cooked up lots of dishes, fresh dumplings (including skin), and scallion pancakes! Also did personality tests and talked with ghosts :-)


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