Febuary 3, 2007 Hike #4 - Pt. Reyes South, Alamere Falls 18.5 miles/3500 ft
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Troopers, great job with the hike yesterday! Thanks for arriving on-time (can you believe you guys/gals all got up so early to get to the carpools by 6:30 am or 6:45 am??). I'm very proud of everyone for finishing the hike, and helping each other in navigation and other things as we split up into 4 groups towards the end of the hike. You guys/gals are getting better and better with the maps!

Welcome to the new-comers who hopefully weren't too shocked at the at-times nutty hiking paces. The hike was a little longer than I had planned - 18.5 miles. The total elevation gain was at least 3500', we went through at least 2 streteches of 1200' climbs, plus numerous ups and downs throughout the rest of the trails. About 75% of the trails were shady, and the weather was simply perfect.

We saw lots of birds, sea lions, deers, rabbits, and even a large bobcat!

-Paul (2/4/07)

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  • 1) 16 people went on this hike
    * 4 cars (4x2, 3x1 from carpool A, 5x1 from carpool B). Everyone was on-time, 0 no-shows. Wow, thanks all for being so responsible

    2) Total distance: 18.5 miles
    3) Total elevation gain: 3,500'

    4) Started hiking at 8:37 am, finished at 4:12 pm, 4:28 pm, 4:50 pm, and 5:20 pm. Reached Alamere Falls (10.9 mi, as one group) at 1:20 pm.
    * Faster hikers allowed to go ahead after lunch, at point O (Coast Trail & Alamere Falls trail junction), for the remaining 7.4 miles.
    * Rests/lunch/map time: ~1.3 hrs
    * Hike/moving time: ~7 hrs to 8 hrs
    * Avg pace (when moving): 2.3 mph to 2.6 mph
    * Avg pace (overall): 2.1 to 2.4 mph.

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