4/5/2008 Mystery Hike #10: Pt Reyes North (19 mi/2800 ft)
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  • 20 people went on the hike.
    * 5 cars: 1x1 (north bay), 2x5 (Sunnyvale), 1x5 (Foster city), 1x4 (Milpitas). All were mostly on-time.
    * Thanks to all the drivers and also the passengers for the tight spaces - as we ended up have 3 cars of 5 people each, in order to save one car (160 mi and ~140 lbs of CO2)
    * Hike started 8:38 am, ended 4:13 pm (first group) to 5:00 pm (last group).
    * Special thanks to panweilin for staying with the last group and taking care of some newbies.
    * Distance: 19 miles (i thought it was closer to 20.5 mi, but the timestamps and distance markers showed that I was off. 19 mi is probably accurate to within 0.2 mi)
    * Elevation gain: ~2800 ft
    * Very nice weather - sunny, but with some strong breeze at times.
    * 19 went to dinner in Sunset (Taraval & 19th av): Ȯa (Szechuan Taste Resturant).

    * Leave no trace!
    I was extremely disappointed that one of the hikers littered while hiking. I did pull this person aside and asked them to go back to pick up the trash. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated, ever, no matter how small the trash is.

    We are very fortunate to live in this beautiful place, let us keep it beautiful. I don't care if your home is a pigsty, but out in the parks or for that matter, anywhere public, you should know better. Even if you think the trash is 'bio-degradable', you should never ever litter. This includes things like orange peels, apple cores, or even tiny pieces of tissue paper.

    This is as serious of a matter as being on time for carpooling in my opinion. I hope to never catch such an act again. Thanks a lot.

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