8/14/2010 - Pyramid Peak - Horsetail Falls up, Rocky Canyon down. (8mi/4000')

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This is the 4th time I've hiked Pyramid Peak (near South Tahoe, California), the other three times in 2006, 2008, and 7/17/2010. This time, I did the hike solo. I left Bay Area (Sunnyvale) around 5:10 am, stopped in Cameron Park for breakfast, and got to the Twin Bridges trailhead at about 8:35 am. Started hiking about 8:45 am, but after a few minutes, had to turn back as I had forgotten my sunglasses. So the official start was close to 9 am.

More tiring than the July hike even though probably not as hot, not sure why. Went up horsetail falls, emerged to the left a little, but still went right and then cut left to the lakes. Had to go up/down quite a bit before reaching bottom of gulch, next to Gefo lake. One bit of moderate scramble at bottom (because of loose rocks), then up the green gulch to top. Then veered fairly left to base of Pyramid peak, did not circle around to the right. Then went up the peak slightly to right of the gentlest portion. Started ok, but got loose rock quickly and then finally pass that to more stable rocks and the bushes.

There were quite a few people at top already, including a group of young men. On way down, looked for the ridge, went directly towards it – and found the trail rightaway. About 15 min from Rt50, ran into an another gentleman (from Sacramento?), who did the same hike solo as well, probably had an earlier start by 15 min?

I got back to parking lot probably just after 3pm. But locked my keys in the trunk as I was putting things away. Called AAA, truck came about 1:15 later. Got in, headed home, stopped twice for food. Got home about 7:40pm.

On this hike, instead of the usual photos, I took a series (34) of video clips, I've uploaded all of them onto youtube and embedded them on this page. They're all HD, but the initial playback resolution is probably 340 instead of 1080p, so if you want to watch in HD, you'll need to change the setting.

Clip 1   
Clip 2   
Clip 3   
Clip 4     
Clip 5     
Clip 6     
Clip 7     
Clip 8     
Clip 9     
Clip 10     
Clip 11     
Clip 12     
Clip 13     
Clip 14     
Clip 1    
Clip 1    
Clip 17     
Clip 18     
Clip 19     
Clip 20     
Clip 21     
Clip 22     
Clip 23     
Clip 24     
Clip 25     
Clip 25 desc
Clip 26     
Clip 27     
Clip 28     
Clip 29     
Clip 30     
Clip 31     
Clip 32     
Clip 33     
Clip 34     

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