February 24, 2007 R3-T2: R3 training hike #2 - 27.2 miles/6000 ft
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    1. 15 people went on this hike. 14 were on-time, 1 caught up shortly after hike started. Everyone was well-prepared and no injuries (other than blisters and fatique) were experienced. I'm totally in awe of the level of hikers that went. We learned a lot about pace, stretching, about one another, etc. May write about it in another hike summary. Others are welcome to comment. Tictactoe is right though - we should have slowed down somewhat.

    2. 3 groups naturally formed after a mile or two.

    3. Time stamp for group 1 (6 hikers):

  • Time stamp for group #3

4. Everyone finished the hike in less than 10.25 hrs, despite the sometimes harsh weather (mist, drizzle, wind, cold). First group (of 6 hikers) finished in just under 9 hrs:


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