3/29/2008 Wunderlich County Park (11 mi/1800 ft)
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  • Hike alone, took various pictures on the way up, mostly nonstop on the way down.

    Start 12:51 pm, top 2:44 pm. Hiked to El Corte De Madero park, just slightly in (see map), turned back around 2:58 pm. Down to parking: 4:37 pm via Bear Gulch.

    UP: went via Alambique trail. At Alambique flat, should've made a right at the "Alambique flat" signpost, but I made a left and hit a creek. The trail ended, so turned back and got back on trail.

    No parking fee, enough space for about 25 cars
    Restroom and water, garbage and recycle, jogging path, mostly local folks

    Was pretty cold, esp half way up.
    Elevation ~500 (HQ) to ~2100 (Skyline/35)

    Elevation gain total ~ 1700-1800'. Grade max 10%, mostly 3-8%, very gradual.
    Distance: Wunderlich part ~10.5 mi, El Corte De Madera part: ~0.5 mi

    Vegetation: forget-me-not, hounds tongue, indian brush
    Trees: redwoods, eucalyptus, oak, spruces
    Park surrounded by private residences and other county parks. Apparent horse traffic on trails, no bikes allowed, some joggers. Trails mostly shaded, but pretty bright because not tall/dense trees. Some open spaces, meadows.

    View of bay. In El-Corte De Madera park, view of pacific ocean.

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