5/30/2010 - Update

Thanks to everyone that showed interest in the kittens. They were adopted this morning by a loving couple and their kids. We wish all of them well. Thanks again everyone.



Two adorable kittens (siblings) looking for a good home/homes. They're about a month old, are very healthy, playful, and extremely adorable. We'd love to adopt them but are unable to due to personal circumstances. We're looking for cat-lovers who will provide a good home to these kittens. It would be great if both kittens go to the same home as they'll keep each other company - they already play together for hours at a time. In terms of size, they're about as big as a squirrel right now. They're already potty (sandbox)-trained :)

If interested, please email tsuoying@gmail.com, serious inquiries only please. We're located near Wolfe & Homestead in Sunnyvale. Thank you.


Photos: 5/19/2010, 5/22-5/27/2010, 5/30/2010

Pic 1 - Kitten 1 - "Tom"


Pic 2- Kitten 1 - "Tom"


Pic 3- Kitten 2- "Bella"


Pic 4- Kitten 2- "Bella"

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