March 21, 2009 (Sat) - Sierra spring flowers - Hite Cove trail, El Portal, CA.

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Just outside of the Yosemite park entrance from Rt 140 is a sleepy little town called El Portal. On the town's edge is a trail called Hite Cove. On the trail, you can hike just for just a few minutes and encounter awesome displays of spring blossoms covering entire mountainsides. Most plentiful during spring (early march to early april) are the California poppies. Billions of poppies open to receive the sun's rays... the view is that of paradise. It's just a 3.5 hr drive from the bay area - if you can get there without stopping too often to admire the gorgeous displays along the way. Starting from the little town of Mariposa east, the highway (140) runs along Merced river which is bursting with snowmelt this time of the year, and the mountain sides appear as if they've been painted by gigantic brushes of yellow, purple, and white. There are two parts to the photos, part 1 is from a Canon 10D camera and part 2 is from a Canon 20D. Here is additional info about the hike: click here.

Part 1 (68 pics)
Part 2 (217 pics)

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