Thailand 2002

   These are pictures from a 5-day Thailand trip taken from November 7 to November 11. Since I took pictures for a lot of people (the tour group I was with, and my parents), there are quite a few pictures! I've broken up the pictures in sets so that it's easier to view. The "Complete" set contains all photos and then the other sets are selected/subsets of the complete set. For example, the "Paul's Select" set contains the photos that I especially liked. The "People of Thailand" set contains photos of the Thai people in their environment and some in shows. The other sets are similarly grouped. The "Elephant Rides" set shows the photos taken at a elephant-riding place, the "Palace" set shows the photos taken at the Bangkok royal palace, and so on. If you have time, choose the "Complete" set. It will take you probably an hour or two to go through all the pictures. Slideshow functions are automatic in all sets. If you don't have time, choose one of the other sets, i.e. "Paul's Select", which contains just 65 of the pictures I especially liked.   All images are 625 pixels in at least one orientation (horizontal or vertical) and file sizes range from 12K to 124K each. It is best if you maximize the window of the browser, and use high-speed internet connection.

All photos have been reduced for easier display over the web. The original files are quite large and can be printed to 8" by 10" with no loss in resolution. If you would like certain photos printed, please let me know. There will be a fee to touch-up and print them. I can also send you the original digital files and you can process/print them yourself. Please email me if you have any questions.

I have not included commentaries with the photos, but will try to do that for at least the "Paul's Select" set sometime down the line. Enjoy!! -Paul.

Complete (766)
Paul's Select (65)
People of Thailand
People of Thailand (101)
Pattaya Waters
Pattaya Waters (137)
The Tiffanys Show
Tiffanys Show (75)
Elephant Rides
Elephant Rides (46)
Nong Nooch Garden
Nong Nooch Garden (117)
Royal Palace
Royal Palace (73)

Comments: What did you like/dislike about the photos? Any comments or suggestions? Which were your favorites? Thanks! -paul (
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