Lisa & Robert
October 23, 2004. San Francisco, CA

These pages are dedicated to Lisa & Robert on their wedding day - October 23, 2004. The photos are arranged in sequential order. The following table shows the thumbnails of the sections, the number of photos for that section, and their descriptions. Click on the thumbnails to view the photos for that section. It's best to view the photos when you have LOTS of time as there are quite a few!

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# Section thumbnails # of photos Description  
0 66 0. Rehearsal (10/22).
Rehearsal session at the Lakeside Presbyterian Church in Sunset district of SF. Dinner at 8 Immortals afterwards

4m 32s
1 39 1. Lisa's makeup session (10/23)
Lisa's makeup and hair session at Loveliness Studio on Geary Blvd in SF.

2m 44s
2 30

2. Lisa's parents, part 1 of 2
Family members arrive for tea ceremony for the bride's side. Location in Chinatown, SF.

2m 14s
3 62

3. Lisa's parents, part 2 of 2
Bride's side tea ceremony.

4m 6s
4 46

4. Robert's parents
Tea ceremony in Richmond district, at Rob's parents' residence.

3m 7s
5 92

5. Church - before the ceremony
Family and friends arrive at church prior to start of the ceremony..

5m 37s
6 65

6. Wedding ceremony, part 1 of 2
The start of the wedding ceremony. Wedding party processions.

4m 20s
7 87

7. Wedding ceremony, part 2 of 2
The wedding ceremony - vows, exchange of rings, readings, etc.

4m 41s
8 83

8. Family photos.
Family photos in the church, taken after the ceremony.

4m 38s
9 93

9. Church Reception, part 1 of 2.
The wedding reception following the ceremony, still at the church.

6m 11s
10 86

10. Church Reception, part 2 of 2.
The wedding reception following the ceremony, still at the church.

5m 12s
11 79

11. Wedding Banquet, part 1 of 8.
The wedding banquet at Yank Sing restaurant in SF. Guests arrive for the feast and celebration.

5m 5s
12 31

12. Wedding Banquet, part 2 of 8.
Introduction of the new couple and their families.

2m 17s
13 56

13. Wedding Banquet, part 3 of 8.
The lion dance - for prosperity and good fortune.

3m 39s
14 55

14. Wedding Banquet, part 4 of 8.
Speeches by the wedding party.

3m 26s
15 94

15. Wedding Banquet, part 5 of 8.
The couple and family greet each table to thank each guest for coming; favors are presented. Guests toasts the newly merged families.

5m 29s
16 100

16. Wedding Banquet, part 6 of 8.
Bouquet and garter toss. Who are the lucky recipients?

6m 53s
17 73

17. Wedding Banquet, part 7 of 8.
The couple's first dance. First dance of the parents and with the new in-laws.

4m 21s
18 87

18. Wedding Banquet, part 8 of 8.
Everybody dance! Final photos with guests. Good night and thank you for coming!

5m 33s
    1324 Photos taken by with 4 digital SLR camera: 3 Canon 10D, 1 Canon 20D. Lenses (all Canon): 28-70mm/2.8L, 24-70mm 2.8L, 16mm fisheye, 16-35mm/2.8L, 17-40mm/4.0L, 85mm/1.8, and 50mm/1.4; 550 EX flash.
1 hour
24 min
5 sec
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