SF Peace March 3/22/2003

   This was a massive protest/march starting at the San Francisco Civic Center. There were perhaps 60 to 90 thousand people. Smaller than the last couple of marches, but nevertheless still very meaningful and effective. The war in Iraq has started a few days prior and protesters have been distrupting downtown traffic and businesses from Wednesday to Friday. This event, however, was very peaceful. There were significantly more police officers monitoring the event. I'll update these pages later on, just wanted to get these pictures up ASAP. Please note that these photos are larger (though slightly lower color quality) than before, so adjust your monitor if necessary.

I've also taken pictures at two previous marches & protests. The first was on January 18th and was smaller than this one. I've also put up the pictures from Feb 16th --> here and Jan 18th --> here.

If you have a high speed connection, please take a look at a video clip (41 sec) of the march: 11MB (requires Quicktime).

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