March 25, 2007 Mystery Hike #7: Wilder Ranch & Henry Cowell State Park - 22 miles/3200 ft
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  • 1) 8 people went on this hike
    * 2 cars (4x2 from Sunnyvale carpool - Sports Basement). All were on-time, thank you everyone!

    2) Total distance: 22 miles
    3) Total elevation gain: 3,200'

    4) Started hiking at 8:09 am, finished at 7:00 pm.
    * Total average pace: 2.03 mph (10 hrs, 51 min)
    * Average pace (when moving): to-be-calculated
    * Break time: to-be-calculated

  • Wow, that was a long long hike! Sorry for not reminding everyone to stretch throughout the hike and at the end. I'm aching a bit as I write this. Had I known a good portion of the trails had loose gravel, I would've forced myself to get that pair of new hiking shoes so there would be thicker sole at the bottom

    I had stated that the hike would be about 20 miles. To be honest, I stopped counting after I got to 20, didn't want to scare folks away. So, if we had gone according to the planned paths, it would've been 23 miles or so. But I figured we'd probably hike a little different from the plan, which is what happened.

    So, despite skipping a few segments of the planned path, from an initial calculation, we still hiked at least 21 miles! We covered 4 parks: Wilder Ranch, UCSC, Pogonip, and Henry Cowell. I'm very proud of everyone for enduring this shortened marathon!

    *We saw lizards, a coyote, 2 bob-cats, hawks, a family of wild turkeys, and a family of deer. Also saw lots of bikers.
    * We crossed the San Lorenzo river twice. The location at which we crossed the first time had water a little higher than knee level. The second time we crossed near the Big Rock Hole and didn't have to use sandals.
    * 8 people went on the hike - all were on-time!
    * 8 went to dinner afterwards in Sunnyvale

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